Australasian Centre for Human Rights and Health is an NGO, a think tank that proposes innovative solutions. ACHRH believes there is no higher form of contact with humans than art. At ACHRH we use art to find community based solutions; art in service of human rights and human problems in the Australasian region.

ACHRH is a think tank made up of a  group of socially minded people. We operate on the underlying assumption that when individuals come together to take action towards attaining social change empowerment will result. ACHRH aims towards empowerment of individual women, of children and collectively of families and therefore of  the community.

Our Biggest Achievement

ACHRH submitted that dowry plays a significant adverse role in leading to emotional and physical abuse and has harmful impacts on mental health. The Centre highlighted a greater need for awareness and education and called for Family Violence protection act to be amended to include dowry as an example of financial abuse and to make giving and taking of dowry illegal.

We have won the fight against dowry! Our petition against dowry is fully accepted by the Royal Commission. Dowry demands to become an offence under the Family Violence law of Victoria within one year!

The Royal Commission and the successive Victorian Governments have supported and listened to our pleas on behalf of hundreds of voiceless women. Our petition was tabled in the Victorian Parliament 3 times with new sets of signatures and now it is LAW.

We lend our heartful gratitude for supporting the transformation of our anti-dowry petition into Law.

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