Australasian Centre for Human Rights and Health (ACHRH) is based at 2/100 Collin street Melbourne.

ACHRH was founded by three founding Directors listed below

The organisation is guided by the Board of Directors and assisted by the network of community Ambassadors


Dr Manjula O’Connor (e-mail manjula@achrh.org)

Dr Manjula OConnor is a social activist , a volunteer, a campaigner and a leader. She works in the Indian community as Vice President of Australia India society of Victoria. Her primary area of campaigns is against Domestic Violence and gender based inequality. Manjula set up a Task-force against Domestic Violence in Indian Ethnic community in 2009. She has campaigned tirelessly in educating and creating awareness of human rights of women in situations of domestic violence and mental illness in the Indian community of Australia. She has led a large number of public education seminars, focus groups, community based action projects including sessions of interactive community based theater exploring and exposing the problem of domestic violence. To expand her work in Australasia Dr Manjula has founded ‘Australasian Centre for Human Rights and Health.

Dr Manjula OConnor (previously Datta) is originally from Delhi. Her family fled Pakistan’s DI KHAN region during partition . She obtained her MBBS degree from Maulana Azad Medical College , Delhi and migrated to Australia where she trained as a Psychiatrist. She practices from her own medical clinic in the city of Melbourne.

Dr Manjula believes deeply in the value of films, Theater and The Arts as means of reaching into the heart of painful issues , human tragedies and unspeakable secrets. If used appropriately The arts and films she believes have a powerful ability to fire our imaginations to find new solutions to age old complex issues such as Domestic Violence.


Dr Jonathan Harrison (e-mail jonathan@achrh.org)

Dr Harrison is a Physician and a Gastro- enterologist . He is passionate about human rights and health of the vulnerable, the frail and the elderly.

MrAbhishek Vivian Prasad (e-mailviv@achrh.org)

Viv is a career bureaucratandis currently employed by the Victorian Parliament. Viv has extensive experienceincommunity work with culturally and linguisticallydiverse communities. Viv’s forte is in leadership and strategic board planning and has served on many national and international boards.

Apart from being the Vice President – Operations of Melbourne Junior Chamber of Commerce (now JCI), Viv was also the Management Committee Member of the Australia India Business Council (Vic), Management Committee Member of the Australia India Society of Victoria, the Inaugural Vice Chairman of the IndianExecutive Club and board director of the Little Big Shots (Melbourne’s International) Film Festival for Kids.

Viv is currently the Deputy Chairman for the Eastern Metropolitan Region of the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Victorian Multicultural Commission.

In 2011,Viv received Victorian Multicultural Commission’s Award of Excellence in the category of ‘Service Delivery to Victoria’ as well as Indian Executive Club Award for Government Services.


ACHRH comprises network of Community Ambassadors. Our Community Ambassadors have a strong foothold in the community. Our Ambassadors operate on the principleisolation is bad for health and is conducive to domestic violence, loneliness and depression. Theyconnect with young women, new migrants, young men,mothers in the suburbs, in their homes, in temples.

Our Ambassadors are women and men of all age groups.


When individuals come together to take action towards attaining social change empowerment will result. ACHRH aims towards empowerment of individual women, of children and collectively of families and therefore of the community.